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Curbside Mailboxes - PostBoxx Portable Mail Boxes

PostBoxx designs high-quality Curbside Mailboxes in a variety of colors. Postboxx Curbside Mailboxes are portable and will suit many lake or cottage owners of second homes quite well. Most of our sales however of this tough weather resistant vertical free standing mailbox have shipped to rural or snow ravaged residents of Michigan, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, and much of New England including New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Connecticut.

Curbside Mailboxes Built With Pride

The Post-Boxx™ mailbox is engineered to withstand snow plows, baseball bats, or even accidental car backups without damage to the vehicle or the mailbox. This type of abuse easily destroys most U.S.P.S mail boxes, but not the original Post-Boxx™ mailbox. Our free standing Post Boxx design has a decorative appeal blending your mailbox color easily with most homes.