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Our Plastic Mailbox History

About Our Mailbox Company

one piece plastic mailbox
Postboxx one piece plastic mailbox

R and R Manufacturing was started in the early 1970’s by Roger and Randy Plew in Northeast Indiana.  A local hardware had a need to be able to replace mailboxes damaged by snowplows, in frozen ground.  What evolved out of that is a business that manufactures a mailbox that has a concrete base, a “wrought iron” center with a rural mailbox on the top.  This product is sold in 3 states by approximately 200 hardware, lumber yards and retail outlets in a 100 mile radius of the factory.  The reason for the 100 mile radius is because of the weight of the mailbox.  Shipping a product of this kind is prohibitive.

Experimenting for years on different ways to market this product to a wider area, we developed a plastic one piece mailbox that is hollow and can be filled with ballast.  The POSTBOXX was born.  It is a durable one piece design that weighs 10 pounds, is available in 5 different colors, approved by the Postmaster General, patented and can be easily shipped via FedEx or UPS.

There is no need to spend a nice Saturday going to the lumber yard to get a post and cement and a box. Dig a hole, mix some concrete, wait for it to harden and then try to figure out how to attach a mailbox to it.

Our first wrought iron Postboxx
Old style mailbox

The POSTBOXX is one of the most durable mailboxes on the market.  Because it is filled with ballast and someone accidentally backs in to it, merely set it back up with no damage to the unit or automobile.

Also, it is one of the safest mailboxes on the market. Most homeowners do not know that a mailbox erected on the side of the road is personal property.   That means that the homeowner is responsible for it.  If someone does happen to go off the road and hit your mailbox hitting a plastic POSTBOXX would be much better than hitting a wooden post or a piece of pipe cemented in the ground.